Remote Work and Getting Better At It

November 23, 2020

Excerpt from Remote Work and Getting Better At It Whether it’s distance to a vaccine, new Covid-19 infection waves, corporate dictates or personal..

Use Case: Staying Coordinated as a Family

November 17, 2020

Scenario How long has your family computer been on? A few days, two weeks, seemingly forever? In your quest to always keep your most beloved tabs..

Use Case: Small Business Owner

November 17, 2020

Scenario It is always when you're away that you need to be at the office, especially as a business owner. Nearly every problem that bubbles to the..

New Features: Favorites & Easily Pick Up Where You Left Off

November 17, 2020

NEW Features We've been busy here at over the past month. As we continue to refine and improve with every update, some.. Browser Plugin = Convenient & Efficient

November 17, 2020 Browser Plugin Adding links, bookmarks and apps to your Desktop(s) has never been easier. With our new optional, but recommended,..

New Features: A New Look, Drag & Drop, and Link Your Different Accounts

November 17, 2020

Design Tweaks Do you like our new look?

Timeline: An Easier Way to Keep Track of Desktop Changes

November 17, 2020

Have you checked out your “Timeline” yet? With this exciting feature you are able to see and interact with your past activity on any desktop. 

November Platform Updates

November 17, 2020

As we continue to refine, enhance and improve with every update, some updates are more noticeable than others. We’ve listened to your..

October Platform Updates

November 17, 2020

Design tweaks Like our new look?

August Platform Updates

November 17, 2020

You're the genius After a successful launch last month our community has grown significantly and we can happily say that the solution..